Access a wealth of information

The Information Commons Library will become a regular retreat for many students looking to find a comfortable place to study. The library boasts a range of books and text books that will assist you in every aspect of your studies and we have multiple computers available for student use.

Learn through one-on-one tutoring time

At St. Augustine, we want to get to know each one of you individually, and know the importance of independent learning styles and individual attention; this is why we offer all our students’ one-on-one time with our knowledgeable tutors.

Find your new career or next college

One of our most important roles as a college is to help you find and lead you along your career path. The Career and Transfer Center is a facility designed to help students find a position in their chosen career as well as transferring to other institutions for further study.

You’ve landed on… Free Parking!

We want to make your time at St. Augustine as stress-free as possible, so we offer free parking to all our students, whether at the main campus or at a satellite school.