The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

With a liberal arts foundation, business courses accommodating to nontraditional students, and a strong business curriculum, our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration degree will help open doors to business careers in a wide variety of private, government, and nonprofit organizations, and other business administration jobs. As a multilingual school, you will graduate with a solid academic foundation in accounting principles; economics; management theory and behavior; the legal environment of business; marketing; financial management; international business; human resources; and business problem-solving and decision-making.

Our unique, culture-focused business curriculum for working adults is designed to give you a well-rounded technical and critical thinking background in all areas of operating a business with experience from our bilingual business degree program. Your senior capstone course allows you the opportunity to research specialty areas, including strategic management planning, international business, and small business operations. Graduates of St. Augustine College’s Bachelor’s in Business Administration program go on to hold a wide range of business operation and leadership positions, while others continue their journey with an MBA or other advanced business degree.

Empowered to Succeed

As a graduate of the BA in Business Administration program, you will be prepared to:

  1. Demonstrate a strong foundation of business knowledge and decision-making skills for every level of business operation.
  2. Apply analytical skills, business strategies, method, and techniques to manage real-world business situations.
  3. Understand the legal environment of business, to act and behave in an ethical manner when dealing with personnel, business activities, and the law.
  4. Demonstrate both a leadership attitude and the skills to work with a team, as well as the capability to face daily work business situations that require competent and positive interpersonal conduct.
  5. Display effective communication skills, including oral, written, electronic, and social media applications.
  6. Demonstrate competence with technology to organize, understand, and analyze business operations, as well as to propose new ideas and solutions.

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List of Classes and Credit Hours for BA Business Administration

BA in Business Administration FAQ:


Q: How long is the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration program?

A: This 4-year program is compiled of 120 total credit hours that can be taken at your leisure.

Q: What is the career outlook for Business Administration graduates?

A: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on its Economic News website, projects that Professional and Business Services will be second only to Health Care and Social Assistance as an area of job growth. Business services need persons trained in Business Administration for their leadership positions.

Q: Can I get a B.A. in Business Administration online?

A: Yes! The B.A. in Business Administration degree program is offered both online and in person. Our online model is a real-time live stream of the courses, so students have the flexibility to learn completely online, in-person, or a combination of both.

Q: Can a Business Administration Degree help with running a business?

A: A degree in business administration is considered the gold standard for somebody who wants to run their own business or is planning to become an executive. 

Q: What’s the difference between a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration?

A: A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BBA) provides a greater focus on liberal arts courses. This gives you a broad understanding of business and what it requires to be successful and run the administration in a business. 



Meet the Business Administration Faculty

Professor Dr. Asif Ashiqali

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

If you are a working adult interested in pursuing a career in business or transferring to a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or other business specialization, our AA degree program in Business Administration can be the first step to achieving your dreams.

Empowered to Succeed

As a graduate of the AA in Business Administration degree program*, you will be prepared to:

  1. Identify the accounting standard principles and be able to prepare basic financial statements.
  2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of business organization concepts and theories, and decision-making skills.
  3. Describe the basic macro and microeconomics theories and market structures to describe their implications related to government, business, and individuals.
  4. Complete a business plan demonstrating the application of the basic principles of business organization, operations management theories, and accounting, finance, and marketing concepts.

*The general education core for this degree complies with guidelines of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).

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List of Classes and Credit Hours for AA Business Administration
Associate of Arts in Business Administration CREDIT HOUR REQUIREMENTS
General Education Requirements48
ENG 160 Composition I4
ENG 162 Composition II4
ENG 165 Speech4
MAT 200 Finite Mathematics OR MAT 225 Introductory Statistics4
BIO 102 Human Biology OR BIO 108 Anatomy and Physiology I4
CHM 115 Basic Chemistry OR PHY 103 Earth Science4
HUM 204 Music Appreciation OR HUM 205 History and Appreciation of Art4
PHI 220 Ethics OR any unduplicated Humanities or Fine Arts course4
SPA 222 The Hispanic-American Experience through Literature or HUM 2024
HIS 105 Survey of U.S. History from 1865 to Present OR HIS 104 Survey of U.S. History to 1865 OR PSC 103 American Government and Politics4
ECO 101 Principles of Macroeconomics OR ECO 102 Principles of Microeconomics4
PSY 101 General Psychology4
Major Requirements12
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting4
ACC 161 Financial Accounting4
BUS 110 Introduction to Business4
CIS 115 Spreadsheets for Business 4
ACC 162 Managerial Accounting 4

AA in Business Administration FAQ:

Q: How long is the Business Administration Associate’s Program?

A: This 2 year program is compiled of 68 total credit hours that can be taken at your leisure.

Q: Is the Business Administration Associate Degree Program offered online or at one of the campuses in Chicago?

A: The AA in Business Administration program is offered both online and in person. Our online model is a real-time livestream of the courses, so students have the flexibility to to learn completely online, in-person, or a combination of both.

Q: Why Get an AA in Business Administration? 

A: An AA in Business Administration allows students to quickly receive a college degree and enter a field of business with a strong foundation in economics, accounting, management, and project planning. 


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