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A.A., Child Development

Our A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree curriculum* with a Child Development concentration gives you a strong base of knowledge in English, mathematics, science, and history while also providing key courses that are designed for students who are interested in professions involving children. 

The major provides the scientific base for understanding development from birth through adolescence. The Child Development concentration is an excellent foundation to continuing your studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in education and/or human services.

*The general education core for this degree complies with guidelines of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

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List of Classes and Credit Hours for AA Child Development

Concentration in Early Childhood Education FAQ:

Q: How long is the Associate in Early Childhood Education Degree Program?

A: This 2-year program is compiled of 64 total credit hours that can be taken at your leisure.

Q: Is the Early Childhood Education program offered online or in person?

A: The Liberal Arts & Sciences Associate Degree – Concentration in Early Childhood Education is offered both online and in person. 

Our online model is a real-time livestream of the courses, so students have the flexibility to learn completely online, in-person, or a combination of both. 

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