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A.A., Child Development

Our A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree curriculum* with a Child Development concentration gives you a strong base of knowledge in English, mathematics, science, and history while also providing key courses that are designed for students who are interested in professions involving children, giving you the experience of a liberal arts education with the technical skills of a child development associate degree.

The major provides the scientific base for understanding development from birth through adolescence. The Child Development concentration is an excellent foundation for continuing your studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in education and/or human services. By pursuing a child development concentrated degree, you can help human development in early childhood. 

*The general education core for this degree complies with guidelines of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

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List of Classes and Credit Hours for AA Child Development

Concentration in Early Childhood Education FAQ:

Q: How long is the Associate in Early Childhood Education Degree Program?

A: This 2-year program is compiled of 64 total credit hours that can be taken at your leisure.

Q: Is the Early Childhood Education program offered online or in person?

A: The Liberal Arts & Sciences Associate Degree – Concentration in Early Childhood Education is offered both online and in person. 

Our online model is a real-time livestream of the courses, so students have the flexibility to learn completely online, in-person, or a combination of both. 

Careers in Child Development 

With the foundation of our associate’s degree, you can find a promising career in child development, or continue on track to receiving a 

Daycare Provider 

Providing supervision for children, a daycare provider is responsible for the safety and well-being of young children. Using the skills and knowledge of a child development major, a daycare provider sets up lesson plans, prepares meals, and might even help children with their homework. 

Youth Sports Coach 

Teaching sports to children, a youth sports coach ensures students are learning valuable skills, such as coordination, communication, and getting along with others, both from your team and the opposition. A youth sports coach helps set up crucial lessons they’ll take throughout their life, like teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Occupational Therapist 

With the foundation of SAC’s associate’s degree and a child development major, students can go on to get a graduate school degree, and become an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals that treat injured patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.

Reading Specialist 

With a child development degree, a reading specialist can help children struggling with reading comprehension. As a specialized teacher, a reading specialist can teach children from K-12 with advanced reading techniques to give students the attention they need to succeed. 

Special Education Paraprofessional 

An educational worker works individually with students who have special needs or in group settings. While they don’t need a teacher’s license, a special education paraprofessional is an essential part of the school, helping both teachers and students. 

Afterschool Director Responsible for program planning throughout the school year and during the summer break, the after-school director coordinates with teachers and parents to plan activities and curate a curriculum that helps pursue human development in early childhood.

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