Spring Term 1

Schedule of Important Dates for Spring Term 1 2024
Spring Term 1 2024Date
RegistrationCont. up to Jan. 13Saturday
25% Payment Due1/15/24Monday
Classes Begin1/15/24Monday
Late Registration1/15/24 - 1/20/24Mon.-Sat.
Last Day to Change Courses1/20/24Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund1/29/24Monday
HLC VisitJan. 29 - Jan. 30Mon. - Tue.
Midterm Week2/5/24 - 2/10/24Mon.-Sat.
Last day to Withdraw with AW/SW 2/26/24Monday
Final Exams3/4/24 - 3/9/24Mon.-Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date3/9/24Saturday
Spring Break, College Open3/11/24 - 3/16/24Mon.-Sat.

Spring Term 2

Schedule of Important Dates for Spring Term 2 2024
Spring Term 2 2024DateDay of Week
Registration 1/8/24 - 3/16/24Mon.-Sat.
25% Payment Due3/18/24Monday
Classes Begin3/18/24Monday
Late Registration3/8/24 - 3/23/24Mon.-Sat.
Last Day to Change Courses3/23/24Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund4/1/24Monday
Easter Recess (College closed)3/29/24 - 4/1/24Fri. - Mon.
Midterm Week4/8/24 - 4/13/24Mon.-Sat.
Registration for Summer 20253/11/24 - 5/18/24Mon. -Sat.
Last day to Withdraw with AW/SW 4/29/24Monday
Final Exams5/6/24 - 5/11/24Mon. -Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date5/11/24Saturday
Commencement Ceremonies5/17/24 - 5/18/24Fri.-Sat.
Break, College Open5/13/24 - 5/18/24Mon. - Sat.
Memorial Day, College Closed5/27/24Monday

Summer Term

Schedule of Important Dates for Summer Term 2024
Summer Term 2024Date
Registration Cont. 3/11/24 - 5/18/24Mon.-Sat.
Freshman Seminar (virtual) 5/14/24 - 5/16/24Mon.-Sat.
25% Payment Due5/20/24Monday
Classes Begin5/20/24Monday
Late Registration 5/20/24 - 5/25/24Mon.-Sat
Last Day to Change Courses5/25/24Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund6/3/24Monday
Midterm Week 6/10/24 - 6/15/24Mon.-Sat.
Juneteenth (College closed) 6/19/24Wednesday
Last Day to Withdraw with “AW/SW”7/1/24Monday
Independence Day Holiday, College Closed7/4/24Thursday
Final Exams7/8/24 - 7/13/24Mon. -Sat.
Term Closes & Graduation Date7/13/24Saturday

Fall Term 1

Fall 24 academic calendars available soon
Registration6/12/24 - 8/19/24Mon.-Sat.
Freshman Seminar (in person) 8/17/24Saturday
25% Payment Due8/19/24Monday
Classes Begin8/19/24Monday
Late Registration8/19/24 - 8/24/24Mon.-Sat.
Last Day to Change Courses8/24/24Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund9/3/24Tuesday
Labor Day College Closed9/2/24Monday
Midterm Week9/9/24 - 9/14/24Mon. -Sat.
Constitution Day, College Open (Observed) 9/17/24Sunday
Last day to Withdraw with AW/SW 9/30/24Monday
Final Exams10/7/24 - 10/12/24Mon.-Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date10/12/24Saturday
Fall Break, College Open10/14/24 - 10/19/24Mon. – Sat.

Fall Term 2

Registration8/19/24 - 10/19/24Mon.-Sat.
Freshman Seminar (in person)10/19/24Saturday
25% Payment Due10/21/24Monday
Classes Begin10/21/24Monday
Late Registration10/21/24 - 10/26/24Mon.-Sat.
Last Day to Change Courses10/26/24Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund11/4/24Monday
Midterm Week11/11/24 - 11/16/24Mon.-Sat.
Registration for Spring 2024-25 11/4/24 - 1/11/25Mon.-Sat
Thanksgiving Recess, College Closed11/28/24 - 11/30/24Thur.-Sat
Last day to Withdraw with “AW/SW"12/2/24Monday
Final Exams12/9/24 - 12/14/24Mon.-Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date12/14/24Saturday
Winter Break, Offices Closed */ * Some offices open as needed.12/20/24 - 1/2/25Mon.–Sat.

Spring Term 1

Spring 25 academic calendars available soon
RegistrationCont. up to Jan. 11Saturday
Freshman Seminar (In person) 1/11/25Saturday
25% Payment Due1/13/25Monday
Classes Begin1/13/25Monday
Late Registration1/13/25 - 1/18/25Mon.-Sat.
Martin Luther King Day (College closed) 1/20/25Monday
Last Day to Change Courses1/18/25Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund1/27/25Monday
Midterm Week2/3/25 - 2/8/25Mon.-Sat.
Last day to Withdraw with AW/SW 2/24/25Monday
Final Exams3/3/25 - 3/8/25Mon.-Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date3/8/25Saturday
Spring Break, College Open3/10/25 - 3/15/25Mon.-Sat.

Spring Term 2

Registration 1/13/25 - 3/15/25Mon.-Sat.
Freshman Seminar (in person) 3/15/25Saturday
25% Payment Due3/17/25Monday
Classes Begin3/17/25Monday
Late Registration3/17/25 - 3/22/25Mon.-Sat.
Last Day to Change Courses3/22/25Saturday
Last day to drop with 100% refund3/31/25Monday
Easter Recess (College closed)4/18/25 - 4/20/25Fri. - Sun.
Midterm Week4/7/25 - 4/12/25Mon.-Sat.
Registration for Summer 20253/17/25 - 5/17/25Mon. -Sat.
Last day to Withdraw with AW/SW 4/28/25Monday
Final Exams5/5/25 - 5/10/25Mon. -Sat.
Semester Closes & Official Graduation Date5/10/25Saturday
Commencement Ceremonies5/17/25Saturday
Break, College Open5/12/25 - 5/17/25Mon. - Sat.
Memorial Day (College closed)5/26/25Monday