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Our Associate of Applied Science degree curriculum* with an Accounting concentration prepares you for a variety of accounting career opportunities in private, government, and not-for-profit organizations with an education for working professionals with a bilingual education program. You will graduate with a solid academic foundation and a dual language education in accounting principles as well as business problem-solving and business communication skills. Our program offers an online accounting associates degree option, making it flexible for nontraditional students who need to balance work, life, and education.

Associate Degree in Accounting Overview 

Our associates in accounting gives you a solid foundation in skills that can be applied to jobs in and out of accounting, following our academic catalog’s use of the bilingual methodology in higher education. 

Besides a well-rounded liberal arts education that is accommodating for those who are getting a degree while working full-time, these courses focus on the fundamentals of accounting. Principles of accounting, financial accounting, and managerial accounting are all major requirements for receiving an accounting associate degree, making sure you are prepared for accounting in business, government, and private practice with classes that bring in elements of a bilingual degree program

Accounting Certification at St. Augustine College

Start your accounting career today with a 1-year accounting certificate

The 1-year associates degree accounting program at St. Augustine College prepares students for entry-level positions and to gain real-world experience in their desired accounting field. The Accounting Certificate will prepare individuals to provide high-tech administrative support to professional accountants, financial managers, and business owners as clerks, accounting assistants, accounting associates, and more. This 1-year program can get you an accounting job with a promising career behind it. 


Prior to beginning the accounting certification curriculum layout below, students must complete St. Augustine College’s developmental English program, designed for students who must learn English as a second language. Students must achieve a proficiency level 8 as it will allow students to articulate into ENG 160 for further communication in the English language.

Curriculum layout: Full time

Term One (Full time)

  • ENG 160 – Composition I * 4 credit hours
  • MAT 112- Intermediate Algebra ** 4 credit hours

Term Two (Full Time)

  • ENG 162 – Composition II 4 credit hours
  • ACC 101- Principles of Accounting 4 credit hours

Term Three (Full Time)

  • CIS 115 Spreadsheets for Business 4 credit hours
  • ACC 200 Quick Books Certified User 3 credit hours

Term Four (Full Time)

  • ACC 161 Financial Accounting 4 credit hours
  • ACC 162 Managerial Accounting 4 credit hours

Term Five (Full Time)

  • ACC 260 – Tax Accounting 4 credit hours

Total: 35 credit hours

This 1-year accounting associates degree program gives students the immediate requirements employers are looking for in a qualified accounting professional.

Why St. Augustine College:

  • Our one-year minimum career specialization program is ideal for those wishing to pursue an associates in accounting degree while working full-time and can help bypass jobs that require an accounting degree
  • Prepares you quickly for an entry-level position in the accounting field
  • Opens the door to real-world experiences
  • Earn college credits towards an associate accounting degree, and from there a bachelor’s in accounting
  • Small class sizes where students know each other by name
  • Dedicated student support service that understands the needs of adult learners and will help the students go through the program
  • Friendly and highly qualified faculty
  • The learning environment and campus life are community-oriented
  • Hy-Flex teaching modality that allows us to offer students the option to earn their associates in accounting online (students choose whether to attend on campus or online)
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify

Associate Degree in Accounting Jobs

Graduates of our AAS accounting program have opportunities to work in and out of accounting. The skills you learn in this accounting program will help you succeed in a career that has potential for growth and long-term success. 

Financial Analyst 

A financial analyst helps businesses and individuals make financial decisions, this can range from investing in a new product to setting up a retirement plan, and more. Financial analysts are highly valued professionals and highly respected in their field, helping others find long-term success and financial gains. 

Audit Associate 

An associate’s degree in accounting gives you the skills to be an audit associate, who checks the work of an accountant for accuracy and compliance with any legal regulations. Audit associates are specialists who aid the accounting department when it comes to drafting and administering assignments.  

Payroll Clerk 

A vital member of every organization that has employees, a payroll clerk is responsible for processing employee checks by examining their timesheets. Managing income invoices means you are responsible for the happiness and satisfaction of your company.

Bookkeeping Clerk 

Bookkeepers are responsible for a company’s accounts. A bookkeeper makes sure that all ledgers are up to date. Along these lines, they also enter firms’ transactions into the ledger. This keeps them on top of all transactions, accounts, and interest charges. 

Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant deals with the day-to-day operations of an office. The responsibilities can be varied but may include filing paperwork, answering phone calls, and managing projects to help keep a proper flow of communication between all involved parties. 


Empowered to Succeed

As a graduate of the AAS Accounting program*, you will be prepared to:

  1. Identify the accounting standards principles and be able to prepare basic financial statements.
  2. Identify business organization concepts and theories and be able to write a basic Business Plan.
  3. Describe the basic concepts of economic theories and market structures relative to their implications for government, business, and individuals.
  4. Define the fundamental tax laws and principles and be able to prepare individual tax returns.
  5. Demonstrate effective written and oral business communication within a professional setting. 

*The general education core for this degree complies with the guidelines of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).

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List of Classes and Credit Hours for AAS Accounting


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