About Us

Founded as a way to help individuals of Hispanic descent and other underrepresented groups succeed through a curriculum and institutional experience designed to help them learn the English language, assimilate into the culture, feel supported in their growth, and receive an education that properly prepares them for a future career.

Our Mission

We believe everyone has the potential to achieve great things, and education is the bridge to a new and better future. We’re committed to helping you discover and develop your talents, to achieve long-term goals and reach positive career outcomes through an education that makes you proud.

Our President

Dr. Reyes González has more than two decades of higher education experience, fostering opportunities for first-generation students in the Chicago area and at other Midwestern universities. His expertise includes student learning, cognitive science, pedagogy, program and curriculum design, review and assessment, culture, and other issues related to academic excellence. A native of Mexico, his family moved to Chicago when he was a young boy.

Meet Dr. Reyes González



St. Augustine becomes first bilingual higher ed. institution in the Midwest.


St. Augustine honors its first graduating class—71 students.


St. Augustine now educates approximately 1,000 students annually in more than 19 degrees and disciplines.


St. Augustine creates its Student Success Center, and launches the Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.