A student graduating from Saint Augustine College, standing alongside the President of SAC.

About Us

Founded as a way to help individuals of Hispanic descent and other underrepresented groups succeed through a curriculum and institutional experience designed to help them learn the English language, assimilate into the English-speaking culture, feel supported in their growth, and receive an education that properly prepares them for a future career.

A woman reading a magazine in Saint Augustine College's library.

Our Mission

St. Augustine College, a Hispanic-serving institution founded in 1980, promotes equitable changes for a global society by providing academic excellence, advancement of knowledge and creative innovations to equip our graduates with a strong educational foundation, integrity, genuineness, compassion and leadership. Our multiculturally supportive and bilingual institution of higher learning is dedicated to strengthening personal identities and reinforcing cultural interaction for Latinos and individuals of diverse groups and faiths.

St. Augustine College's main campus.



St. Augustine becomes first bilingual higher ed. institution in the Midwest.


St. Augustine honors its first graduating class—71 students.


St. Augustine now educates approximately 1,000 students annually in more than 19 degrees and disciplines.


St. Augustine creates its Student Success Center and launches the Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.