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The history of St. Augustine College is a history of service and access.
We open doors to a transformational education and service opportunities that change lives.
Your gift ensures those doors will remain open for all, regardless of a person’s income and social standing.

Why Your Gift Matters
Your gift allows us to invest in people — and that human capital in turn helps the community.

Real needs:

  • 89% of first-generation students nationally leave college within six years without a degree.

Your  Annual Scholarship Fund gift helps bilingual students rise.

  • The gap in life expectancy between rich and poor neighborhoods in Cook County is a staggering 30 years. (Source: 2019 City of Chicago City Health Dashboard)

Your Annual Gift trains future Latino doctors, counselors, and respiratory therapists.

  • A child raised in lower 1/5 of family incomes in Cook County has only a 6.4% chance of reaching the top 1/5 of family incomes (Source: 2019 City of Chicago City Health Dasboard)

Your  Endowed Scholarship gift ensures access and financial aid for future generations.

Please help.

We rely on the generosity and vision of donors, foundations, corporate partners and others to
sustain and extend our mission.

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Did You Know?

For the many St. Augustine College students who are first-generation college attendees, scholarship gifts are life changing.

Over 90% of St. Augustine’s students receive needs-based grants, scholarships and aid, but still have a gap to cover the full cost of attendance.

  • Our enrollment reflects the racial, ethnic and economic diversity of City of Chicago.
  • A majority of the students are first-generation college attendees.
  • More than 90% of SAC students represent racial or ethnic minority groups.
  • 33% of St. Augustine College students climb two or more levels of income after graduation, reveals the 2017 study “Highest Upward Mobility Rate Colleges” conducted by The Equality of Opportunity and published by The New York Times.
  • St. Augustine College ranks 4th out of 78 Nonselective, four-year, private not-for-profit colleges on the Overall Mobility Index.
  • This measure reflects both access and outcomes, such as representing the likelihood that a student at Saint Augustine College moved up two or more income quintiles.