With You Every Step of the Way

Every story is unique, and each one deserves attention, empathy and respect. Our advisors are always available to help make your vision become a reality or to help you envision something entirely new.

We’re With You

Your success is our success, which is why the Learning Facilitators in our Office of Student Services are by your side every step of the way — from the day you enroll in a degree program to the day you graduate. Our unique approach to ensuring academic effectiveness is to empower our students with the resources and support programs they need to achieve long-term goals and make a positive impact in their community and the world.

Your Personal Success Coach

Since 1980, St. Augustine College has been breaking barriers and pioneering a new approach to academic success with one-of-a-kind support programs that help students overcome any obstacles they face.

Dr. Juan E. Ojeda, Dean of Students at SAC, says the new Learning Facilitator program pairs students with a personal success coach. “If the student does not change majors, the same Learning Facilitator works with the student from inception to graduation.”

In addition to advising you on a wide range of academic matters, your personal Learning Facilitator is there to help you navigate the system, liaise with other college offices, and help find solutions to a variety of challenges.

Founded in 2021 by SAC President Reyes Gonzalez, the Learning Facilitator program is integral to the College’s vision to make higher education accessible to all. “Dr. Gonzalez is well aware of the multiple challenges that our non-traditional, mostly low-income and first-generation students face when dealing with the American higher education system,” says Dr. Ojeda.

Firsthand Experience

Our Learning Facilitators are carefully selected based on their expertise and experiences. Most of them are also graduates of the same SAC degree program you are pursuing and have a track record as college counselors as well. Dr. Ojeda says many have also overcome the same barriers the students they are paired with are facing in today’s world.

“I believe that a strong support system corrects many deficiencies and helps the student become part of the mainstream in higher education,” he adds. “We don’t believe in moving the bar downward but elevating the student so he or she can reach the bar as high as it is for everyone else.”

The success of each individual student has a ripple effect on families, communities and ultimately, the world.

“Our successful students become education advocates and recruit others, an important source of newcomers,” adds Dr. Ojeda.

Getting the Help You Need

Here are just a few of the things that your Learning Facilitator can help with on your journey at SAC:

  • Tutoring
  • Referrals for personal counseling and other services not available on campus
  • IT help either directly or through the SAC Help Desk
  • Academic monitoring, including grades and attendance
  • Satisfactory Progress (SAP) appeals and grade appeals
  • Help with student complaints
  • Graduation applications
  • Coordination of services through Career and Transfer Center
  • Direct liaison services with other departments, including Financial Aid and Bursar’s Office (student accounts)
  • Help with external scholarships