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Have you ever been curious about what you learn in business school, and what are the benefits of studying business? Look no further; we will go through the daily life of a Saint Augustine College student studying business by looking at myriad facets, from the classes a business student takes, to what exams they take, and we’ll even look at what you can do after you graduate with a business degree, and what SAC’s alum has done with a business degree. Being a business major at Saint Augustine College is to learn the prerequisites required for a variety of business management and administration career opportunities. 

What is the Example of a Fall Semester for a Business Major? 

Typically, a business student at SAC will engage in a workload of two courses per term within a semester structure composed of Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, and Spring 2. These condensed, 8-week courses are weighted at 4 credit hours each, fostering a focused and intensive educational experience going beyond the basics of business studies

FALL 1 (8 Weeks) 

Monday Evening – ACC 101: Principles of Accounting 

Wednesday Evening –  ACC 101: Principles of Accounting 

Saturday Morning –  MAT 200: Finite Mathematics 


FALL 2 (8 Weeks) 

Monday Evening – ENG 160: Composition I 

Tuesday Evening – ADM 250: Business Communications 

Wednesday Evening – ENG 160: Composition I 

Thursday Evening – ADM 250: Business Communications 


The curriculum for the business degree employs a flexible hybrid approach, combining online accessibility with in-person participation. Faculty conduct live sessions from the campus, presenting classes twice a week for approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes. These sessions occur on either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 6:30 PM and concluding at 9:50 PM. Additionally, selected courses are held on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, all sustained over the course of the 8-week term.

What Business Course Requirements Are There?

Our academic program offers an array of comprehensive business school classes and more, spanning diverse facets of the business realm. These encompass disciplines such as business management, accounting, marketing, business law, finance spreadsheet analysis, international business strategies, human resources management, small business operations, strategic management, and organizational theory, but these are a few of the major requirements: 

  •  ACC 101 Principles of Accounting 
  • ACC 161 Financial Accounting 
  • ACC 162 Managerial Accounting 
  • BUS 110 Introduction to Business 
  • BUS 220 Principles of Management

If you are curious about what other business course requirements you will have at Saint Augustine College, please refer to our recent student catalog, where you can find all of our programs and their respective requirements. 

What Exams Do Business School Classes Prepare You For? 

The business program primarily readies students for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification in the case of Accounting. Beyond this, the 4-year curriculum for a business degree is structured to pave the way for seamless transitions into graduate education, fostering advanced career prospects.

What Careers Can a Business Degree Get You?

The St. Augustine College community has witnessed a multitude of remarkable career trajectories from its alumni. These encompass a wide spectrum of fields, including but not limited to Accounting, Operations Management, Business Management, Human Resources, Data Analysis, Strategic Management, Budget Management, Marketing, Business Information Systems, International Business, Auditing, Supervision and People Management, Consulting, and Organizational Development. Moreover, several of our entrepreneurial-minded graduates have successfully launched their own ventures, ranging from restaurants and salons to daycare centers and paralegal services. There are many reasons to study business, as it helps to empower students to embrace these diverse pathways and achieve excellence.

What Makes the Business Programs at St. Augustine College Stand Out? 

As a school founded to help individuals find their own potential, SAC’s business program is designed to not only find out how to learn about business but to find your own potential. Both the Business Management degree and the Business Administration degree are designed to prepare students with a solid academic foundation in the basics of business studies (and beyond). 

With classes that come in a hybrid format, either in person or online, Saint Augustine College allows students of all programs to work on their time. Our professors record their lectures, and therefore you can take the classes when you have the free time to do so. A higher education that works on the students’ schedules, and not the other way around, means a higher chance of graduating, and a higher chance of having the opportunity to work at a degree and passion that can result in a long-lasting and rewarding career. Are you curious about what a business school can teach you? Contact us today, and learn about how you too can become a business student.