A college graduate receiving their diploma.

January 25, 2024

Due to the rising cost of college tuition, the value of a college degree has been heavily debated in recent years. It’s important to dig deeper into how receiving a college degree significantly benefits young workers. St. Augustine College is committed to demonstrating to prospective students the lasting value of a college degree.

Why Is College Important?

Understanding the benefits of a college degree requires looking at a broader perspective than just its financial benefits. College education plays a big role in shaping well-rounded individuals, equipped for both personal and professional success. Studies have shown that the advantages of obtaining a college degree are multifaceted: According to the Association of Public & Land-grant Universities and the American Council on Education, college graduates often enjoy a higher quality of life, including greater job satisfaction, increased levels of civic participation, and are more likely to live healthier lifestyles.

These aspects of college education go beyond mere academics; they foster holistic development, preparing individuals to contribute meaningfully to society and live well-rounded lives.

Benefits of Going to College

The decision to pursue a college education can unlock a wide range of benefits, especially in a rapidly changing job market. The diverse skill sets and adaptability that higher education provides are increasingly crucial in today’s world. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report highlights the growing necessity for skills like complex problem-solving and critical thinking, which are central to a college education. By engaging with diverse ideas and peers from different backgrounds and collaborating on challenging projects, students enhance their cognitive capabilities, preparing them for the larger challenges of the professional world.

The benefits of a college degree are most clear in terms of career opportunities and professional development for young workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2023, young workers between the ages of 22 -27 with a bachelor’s degree had a significantly lower unemployment rate (about 4.4%) compared to young workers with just a high school diploma (6.5%).

However, college isn’t just about academics; it provides a platform for invaluable networking, access to internships, and exposure to a range of perspectives. These experiences significantly prepare students for the global workforce and often, the relationships and insights gained during college are as valuable as the degree itself. 

Is College Worth It?

The question of whether college is worth the investment is highly debated in today’s economy. The answer, supported by various studies, leans strongly towards ‘yes’. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce has provided compelling data indicating that over a lifetime, college graduates earn about $1 million more than their high school graduate counterparts. This significant difference transforms a college degree from an educational expense into a strategic investment in your financial future.

The economic benefits of a college degree are further emphasized by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s findings. As of 2023, the average college graduate earns approximately $30,000 more annually than someone with only a high school diploma. They also highlight the stability provided by a college degree. For instance, during economic downturns like the 2008 recession, college graduates were less likely to face unemployment compared to those without a degree with young workers with a bachelor’s degree having an unemployment rate of 6.8% compared to 15.7% of those without a bachelor’s degree.

Embrace Your Future with Confidence at St. Augustine College

At St. Augustine College, our programs, such as Early Childhood Education and Respiratory Therapy, are designed to provide education that equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the workforce, ensuring that your investment in a college degree is both rewarding and future-proof.

We invite you to explore the possibilities that a college degree can open for you. Our dedicated programs in Early Childhood Education and Respiratory Therapy are more than just courses — they are gateways to a prosperous and fulfilling career. Apply to St. Augustine College and take the first step towards a brighter future.