Three college students walking through their campus.

Great news from U.S. News and World Report, St. Augustine of Chicago, IL has been ranked as the top performer of social mobility among colleges in the Midwest. By enrolling many disadvantaged students and allowing them to attend college and find their true potential, Saint Augustine College has created hundreds of fulfilling careers built on hard work and passion. Most SAC students are awarded Pell Grants and other types of scholarships available to those who qualify. 

What is Social Mobility?

The positive impact of social mobility in higher education cannot be overstated. On average, people with a bachelor’s degree earn more than $36,000, or 84 percent higher than those who only have a high school diploma. In other words, it is projected that someone with a bachelor’s degree will make 1.2 million dollars more than someone with only a high school degree over their lifetime. 

Social mobility is the change in someone’s socio-economic status and is usually used when talking about a gradual upward movement from, for example, from working class to middle class, and so on. Social mobility in education is a crucial modern-day component to long-term success for somebody of any age, regardless if they are married or single, with or without children. Having some sort of higher education degree is fundamental in today’s job market, and can help those who are first-generation immigrants or first-generation college students to create a stable environment for them to support themselves and their families, potentially for generations to come. 

How Has Saint Augustine College Created Social Mobility in Education? 

While we are so proud to be recognized by U.S. News for not only being one of the top colleges in the Midwest but also a crucial component of social mobility in the United States, this award is due to the hard work and dedication of SAC’s leaders and educators who have taken the pedagogical philosophy behind St. Augustine College and have made sure our students are given every opportunity to work at their level so they can get the attention they need to succeed. 

The core principles of St. Augustine are broken down into four pillars that are tantamount to SAC’s social mobility in education:

Dignity and Respect 

Every student, regardless of their background, deserves to be recognized and their voices heard in and out of the classroom. Understanding an individual’s potential and past achievements helps to build up the confidence needed when they leave the classroom and build a career for themselves. 

Integrity and Accountability

In SAC we create the opportunity for students to feel accomplished and dedicated to their academic achievements and build motivation every step of the way.  

Learning and Inquiry
Learning at SAC goes beyond simple tests and quizzes, supporting soft skills necessary to build a noticeable resume and create social upward mobility

Team and Leadership 

Success is about working together, and from day one the faculty and staff at St. Augustine will help you succeed. 

By creating a schedule that works for you, and having classes available both online and in person, the possibility of social mobility in the United States is more tangible than you think with the help of St. Augustine.

How to Start With Social Upward Mobility at a Top College in the Midwest?

With top-notch programs such as Respiratory Therapy and Social Work, Saint Augustine College in Chicago offers the opportunity of a lifetime to help you build the hard and soft skills needed to advance your career and better your life, but it all starts with reaching out. Contact St. Augustine today to learn more about what a degree in higher education can do to improve your life, and how you can be a working adult while still advancing your life.