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Do you want to learn about how to be successful in the hospitality industry? It starts by knowing about the four sectors of the hospitality industry. Each one of these–while focusing on making sure to provide a hospitable environment–provides a very different experience for the client, and is filled with unique challenges that can only be mastered by a veteran of the hospitality industry. These hospitality industry examples are here to help someone who is just learning how to get into the hospitality industry and wants to make sure that outside of receiving a degree in hospitality they are focusing their professional and personal career on the sector they are the most passionate about. 

Food and Beverage

Most commonly known as F and B, the food and beverage industry is the largest sector of the hospitality industry, estimated to bring in around 50% of all meals eaten in the US today. As a part of the hospitality sector food and beverage, you are presenting food to be eaten almost immediately by clients, either by guests in a hotel or restaurant or even by providing drinks in a bar or a speakeasy. Those who work in the food and beverage sector are passionate about creating a culinary experience that will be both memorable and comforting. 

Travel and Tourism 

Besides F and B, most people who are learning about how to get into the hospitality industry are usually imagining the travel and tourism sector of the hospitality industry as their main focus. These industries are about providing an experience during traveling. Regardless if this client is traveling for business or pleasure, the purpose of someone in the travel and tourism industry is to guarantee that their clients and their concerns are dealt with before they even arise. This can be anything from travel agents, working on a cruise liner, or even leading a walking tour of a historic landmark in a city. 


Another hospitality industry example is lodging. From working at the front desk of a hotel to being a concierge, working in lodging is making sure a guest feels like your hotel is their home away from home. Lodging is not just hotels though, it’s any type of home that is meant to provide safety and security (and also a positive experience) to guests who are traveling away from home. It also includes Airbnb, hostels, campgrounds, and more.  

Recreation and Entertainment 

For those who want to be surrounded by thrills and excitement, a career in the sector of the hospitality industry known as recreation and entertainment is a promising and rewarding path. This covers a wide range of hospitality opportunities, from running a music venue, a museum, or a movie theater, to any other outgoing opportunities. 

Where can you Learn How to be Successful in the Hospitality Industry? 

Do you know where you want to shine in the hospitality industry? Making sure you are following the path toward success out of school is just half of the battle. Getting a bachelor of arts in hospitality management is your way to learn the fundamentals of creating an inviting and positive environment guests will rave about. The Hospitality program gives you transferable skills that will prepare you for a career with others in your field.