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If you’ve ever asked yourself what you can do with a social work degree, we are here to help you. Getting a bachelor’s in social work doesn’t only prove to employers that you are qualified to work in social work. A bachelor’s in social work can be a stepping stone to a wide range of promising career choices outside of social work as well. 

What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor in Social Work (Besides Social Work) 

Community Outreach Organizer 

Beyond jobs in social work, a community outreach organizer still follows the same principles as a social worker by serving people and their communities and making foundational projects that will assist the community for years to come. The responsibilities of a community outreach organizer include setting budgets, organizing committee meetings and volunteers, finding sponsors that can help raise funds, and being a liaison between the community and the organization you represent. Organizing community-wide building projects is an inspiring way to use the skills you develop from a bachelor in social work. 

Human Resources 

As an alternative career for social workers, working in human resources uses many of the same skills that you master during a bachelor’s in a social work program. As the strategic force that manages and makes sure employees are able to thrive in a supportive and positive work environment, the functions of a human resource manager vary from business to business, but these responsibilities typically include recruitment, compensation, benefits, proper onboarding training, and employee relations. 

Social Responsibility Managers 

Outside of traditional jobs for a bachelor’s in social work, organization, and community impact is still an essential part of many corporations, and that is where a social responsibility manager comes in. A social responsibility manager is a very important job in today’s day and age, as an irresponsible corporate scandal can have disastrous consequences. You will be responsible for how a corporation interacts with the greater public and can range wildly, from supporting and maintaining the environment to working alongside local communities to help become associated with a positive message. 


As a paralegal, you have to conduct legal research and factual investigations and assist attorneys with preparing documents for litigation, court appearances, and more. Being a good paralegal requires a quick mind that is analytical and the patience and organizational skills to balance multiple legal proceedings and documents at the same time. Receiving a bachelor’s in social work proves that you have the competence and skills that are easily transferable to a paralegal profession. 

Highschool Teacher 

A high school teacher is a great alternative career to social work, as many of the same skills are tested out on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Taking care, monitoring, and encouraging students requires all the same skills that social workers perform. A career in education is a great alternative for those who are looking for jobs for a bachelor’s in social work. 

Why are Bachelor of Social Work Career Opportunities So Diverse? 

Receiving your bachelor’s in social work doesn’t simply mean you are qualified to be a social worker. It means that you are uniquely qualified to help promote and provide a strong and supportive environment for others. These types of skills are hard to come by and they are desired by many employers. Being trained to empower others is not a rare opportunity to help make a difference. 

At Saint Augustine College, our award-winning Bachelor’s in Social Work degree program has helped students find career opportunities with a program that prioritizes them and their lives. At St. Augustine, our mission is to provide our students with a schedule that works for them, and not the other way around.