Do you want to boost your resume, find out how to get a better job, or advance your career or academic future? Getting your GED degree is the best way to make an immediate impact on your life. GED preparation is a long-term investment that will help you at every stage of your professional career. 

What is a GED?

A general education degree (GED) is an alternative degree to the traditional high school diploma and is a great alternative for anyone who left high school early or was unable to complete their studies during high school. Getting your GED has only four requirements attached to it:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • You have not completed high school
  • You cannot be currently enrolled in high school
  • You must take the exam at a physical location 

One of the best parts of why to get a GED is that you can get it at any time. If you fail the GED, you are still able to retake the test two more times in a calendar year. 

Do Colleges Care About a GED vs. Diploma? 

The vast majority of all college admissions accept both high school diplomas and GED degrees, with only a small minority not accepting GED degrees. An important aspect of the GED when applying to colleges is that it paints a unique picture of who you are to admissions officers. With the added information on your personal statement, many college admissions see the GED as a sign of somebody who has not had the traditional academic story that many other potential applicants have. This will not only make your college application stand out among the crowd but it could also help admissions have a deeper understanding of who you are and how you get here. 

Can a GED Help Get You a Job? 

But if you want to simply move from taking the GED to going job hunting, the benefits of getting a GED could not be clearer. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 73% of all jobs require a diploma or GED, at the least. Even if you are well versed in the skills a certain job is expecting of you, a GED is still seen as a sign of having critical thinking skills and the ability to concretely problem solve. 

Besides jobs that require a GED, having a GED on your resume gives you the incentive to push for a higher salary when negotiating with your employer. Having your GED degree states that you are a more valuable asset than an employee without one, an employee that deserves proper financial compensation. GED preparation doesn’t just help with paving the way for a college degree, it is a tool that should be used in leveraging proper compensation from a potential employer. 

Where Can I Find GED Preparation?

Adult Education centers and classes for GED near me are not too hard to find in the Chicago area. Saint Augustine College not only offers courses on GED subjects, but these GED courses are free as well. This bi-lingual 10-week program prepares students for both the GED and HiSET. The GED courses are offered in both English and Spanish, making sure to emphasize readiness for careers and college. Register today and find out for yourself about the benefits of getting a GED.