A young child in kindergarten cutting paper.

Big news! Starting in the autumn of 2022, a new BS in ECE will be available for St. Augustine students. Our new Bachelor of Science (BS) in Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree program provides advanced training in early childhood education and student teaching opportunities on a path to working as a teacher in a public or private school.  

Being qualified to teach children up to eight years old opens up opportunities for our graduates, and allows them to teach in a variety of settings. From preschool to kindergarten, having an early childhood education  

Being an early childhood educator is an important job, one that helps shape young minds with different learning techniques. Becoming an educator of young children starts with a great education that is built by strong values to build your career on. An ECE degree is a professional qualification that brings you closer to long-term goals and success. Are you interested? At St. Augustine College, we prioritize our students and the community we build together. The work-life balance can be tough, but St. Augustine helps with accommodating classes and a supportive faculty. Our alumni have gone on to have fulfilling careers, why don’t you find out today what a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education at St. Augustine can do for you?