St. Augustine Campus

St. Augustine is excited to announce that we have five new 1-year certificate programs. These 1-year academic certificates are tied in with specific programs, each one being a major milestone in your academic career at St. Augustine. These 1-year certification programs are designed to keep you involved in the St. Augustine community, giving you the opportunity to open the door to real-world experiences and a career-forward degree. 

AAS in Accounting 

The 1-year certificate for the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting will help students prepare for entry-level positions in a variety of accounting-related positions. While still enrolled in the associate degree in accounting, you can include this certificate on your resume, showing potential employers your qualifications for a job in accounting. 

AAS & BS in Computer Information Science 

For our Computer Information Science (or CIS) program, we are offering two separate 1-year certifications: one for our Associate of Applied Science, and one for our Bachelor of Science. Information Processing for Analysis and Reporting is the 1-year certificate for our Bachelor of Science in CIS, while Network Support is the 1-year certificate for our Associate of Applied Science degree. Each of these certifications prepares you with experience in today’s world of IT.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1st-year certificate is a paraprofessional certificate in domestic violence. This certificate shows that you have an expert understanding of being a human resource to someone who is suffering from domestic violence. Such a certificate is a great addition to any psychology resume or CV, and is a good resource for those who want to go on and receive either their master’s or doctorate degree in psychology. 

AAS in Business Management 

The 1-year certificate program during the AAS in Business Management is part of the specialized career program in business management. During this first year in the program, you are given the foundation required to qualify for high-demanding jobs in the industry. 

Why St. Augustine?

SAC is a tight nit community that understands life isn’t so simple. We prioritize the needs of our students, who need to work at their own pace to succeed and conquer their long-term goals. We set out imagining the 1-year certification program as a milestone for our students, giving them the encouragement they need to keep on pursuing their dreams. Do you want to follow yours? Contact us today, and learn about our 1-year certification programs, and why getting started on a degree from St. Augustine College can change your life.