IWE’s Workplace Skills training unit provides customized workforce training for incumbent workers in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and other sectors of the Illinois economy. IWE applies an evidenced-based model that responds to industry-specific needs and trends and customized training based on employer needs.

Each employer receives on-site customized training, including needs analysis, securing of funding for the project, execution of training, management of grant funding, and evaluation of program outcomes. A key feature of IWE is that it helps to identify local, state, and federal funding for workforce training programs for companies and nonprofit organizations. Training is provided in English, Spanish, or Polish.

IWE offers a distinctive and enriching curriculum for companies and organizations seeking to stay competitive and productive in an ever-changing marketplace. We offer a wide array of services and programs that serve the educational needs of employers and their employees.

Scroll down to learn about IWE’s Small Business Training program, its Center for Non-Profit Effectiveness, which provides specialized training to non-profit organizations, and its Workforce Solutions unit, which partners with non-profit organizations and business associations to train their members and clients.

For more information and for a professional service presentation, contact Norman Ruano, Ph.D., Vice President for Workforce Development, at 773-878-3894 or nruano@iwe.staugustine.edu

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At IWE we understand that small businesses face many of the same workforce challenges as larger firms. That’s why we are committed to providing small businesses with high-quality training services, using effective small business and green management practices that work within your budget. We can also help identify alternative growth and development funding that can give your business a leg up on the competition. This program is delivered in English or Spanish, by certified small business trainers.

This program is delivered in partnership with the City of Chicago Department of Community Development’s TIFWorks program, which has a strategic focus on helping small businesses develop and grow through workforce education and training. Upon program completion, participants receive an Institute for Workforce Education certificate.


  • Effectively apply proven small business management techniques to improve the performance of their businesses.
  • Understand small business greening practices and apply green interventions to a variety of areas of their business operation.
  • Conduct an energy and water audit among others of their small business and develop plans on how to become more efficient.
  • Understand and apply basic safety and security practices for their small business.

COURSE OUTLINE:                                                                    
This 81-hour course will teach participants a variety of skills including:

  • Management (supervision, accounting, budgeting, recruiting, legal issues and others)
  • Service management (customer service, marketing, sales and others)
  • Financial management (basic accounting, budgeting, forecasting and others)
  • Technology applications
  • Safety and security including OSHA requirements
  • Green management

Download the IWE Center for Small Business Management

For an appointment or additional information contact Lenora Dailey (773-878-3489 or ldailey@iwe.staugustine.edu).
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IWE’s Center for Non-Profit Effectiveness was created specifically with non-profit organizations in mind and reflects St. Augustine College’s commitment to supporting non-profit organizations. Our comprehensive, customized instruction programs train non-profit staff in a variety of professional skills and produce proven results that impact organizational effectiveness and your bottom line. In order to compete in a 21st century landscape, non-profit organizations must learn best practices in management, technology, program and interpersonal skills. Our experienced trainers can teach you and your staff, on-site or off-site, the skills needed to realize your mission.

The Center for Non-Profit Effectiveness has trained over 3,000 non-profit professionals, with more than half in leadership roles.

Download the IWE Center for Non-Profit Effectiveness One-Sheeter (PDF)
Download the CNPE Partial List of Training Topics (PDF)

For an appointment or additional information, contact Robert Kelly at 773-878-3775 or rkelly@iwe.staugustine.edu.
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Through our Workforce Solutions unit, we partner with non-profit organizations, business and trade associations, training companies, and colleges and universities to design and deliver customized workforce programs for their clients and customers. Training can be conducted in English, Spanish and other languages.

Proven grant-based workforce expertise
Our expert trainers and bottom-up approach have enabled us to develop invaluable expertise that immediately enhances your organization’s capacity to successfully deliver workforce programs. Our extensive experience in grant writing and grant management make us particularly suited to strategic partnerships.

Complete delivery partner
From curricula development and training delivery to evaluation, industry-recognized certifications, college credentialing and career support services, IWE provides a complete lifecycle of workforce implementation.

Current strategic partnerships, where IWE conducts the training, include:

For more information and for a professional service presentation, contact Norman Ruano, Ph.D., Vice President for Workforce Development, at 773-878-3894 or nruano@iwe.staugustine.edu

Visit http://iwetraining.com/ for more information.