New students are strongly encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation, which is offered every semester on the Saturday before classes begin. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, an overview of the College programs, offices, and services, policies and procedures, important deadlines, transfer opportunities, and available services, including tutoring; a series of workshops (Learning How to Learn, Habits of Successful Students, College Reading and Writing, and Balancing School and Life Demands) are offered as well.

There are also opportunities to interact with faculty members, staff, administrators, and current students.

If you are not a new student but wish to attend, you are still welcome.


Here you’ll find the electronic version of the morning segment of the orientation session we host for all newcomers the Saturday before classes start. If for some reason you couldn’t make it, please review the presentation and meet an academic advisor for any further information. The second part, made up of three afternoon workshops, will follow soon.