Degree Majors Credit Hours Required Concentration
Bachelor of Social Work 128 General
Bachelor of Arts Psychology 120 General
Hospitality Management 120 General
Associate of Arts (AA) Business Administration 60 General
Liberal Arts and Science 60 Interdisciplinary
Social Service
Child Development
Addiction Studies
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice
Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Accounting 60 General
Administrative Assistant 60 Office Assistant
Accounting Assistant
Medical Billing & Coding
Business Management 60 General
Computer Information System 60 Applications Programmer
Systems Support
Culinary Arts 60 General
Early Childhood Education 64 General
Respiratory Therapy (RRT) 74 General
Associate of General Studies (AGS) 60

The absolute minimum of 60 credits hours applies to all associate degrees.

General Education Core Curriculum
St. Augustine College participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that ensures full transferability of general education courses completed by students at any of the participating institutions. Each student is required to complete the General Education Core Curriculum including qualifying courses in the areas of Communication (English), Mathematics, Science and Health, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Behavioral and Social Sciences. The specific General Education Core Curriculum requirements, however, are different for the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Applied Science degrees. See the College Catalog for a complete list of the General Education requirements for each degree.

General Education Outcomes
The College has established the following integrated general education outcomes for all degree programs:
• Using appropriate methodologies, students demonstrate the ability to read, listen, and communicate with understanding and critical discernment.
• Students learn to evaluate ideas and outcomes, solve problems, and make informed decisions based upon consideration of evidence, reason, and implications.
• Students learn to access information efficiently and effectively; evaluate it critically and competently; and use it accurately and creatively.
• Students develop recognition of and respect for diversity through cultural interactions in and outside the classroom.

Collegiate programs at St. Augustine College consist of a Bachelor of Social Work, two Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Hospitality Management), and Associate Degrees.

Three types of associate degrees are offered:
Associate of Arts (AA)
Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS)
Associate of General Studies (AGS)

Our collegiate programs emphasize the ability to think and write clearly; the ability to develop career skills and goals; the ability to acquire and apply information from core fields of knowledge, including the arts and sciences; and, a commitment to life-long learning, cultural humility, and community participation. There are specific details for each one of the programs, information of which is available from the Catalog, or in-person from an academic advisor.