1. Financial aid will be offered only after determination that resources of the family or individual student are insufficient to  meet the student’s educational expenses.

  2. Student aid funds are used for students who are carrying a full-time program of study (normally 12 credit hours or more), or students who are carrying a three-quarter part-time program (from 9-11 credit hours), or students who are carrying a half-time program (normally 6-8 credit hours), or a less than half-time program (normally 3-4 credit hours).

  3. Students must have legal status in the United States under any of the following categories:
    A U.S citizen or national;
    U.S. Permanent Resident;
    Other eligible noncitizens.

  4. Students must maintain satisfactory progress as defined in the satisfactory academic progress policy

  5. The College will evaluate financial aid applicants on the basis of financial need.

  6. The College will combine its financial aid resources to maximize its ability to meet student’s needs.

  7. No aid program shall attempt to restrict the College in what it teaches or restrict it in its academic freedom.
  8. The College will promote the financial aid program and invite donors to join in the support of this program.
  9. All donations to the financial aid program must be approved by the Governing Board.
  10. Funds received from donors will be subject to policies, rules, and regulations governing financial aid at St. Augustine College.
  11. The College encourages donations to assist any able and needy student; however, stipulations may be made by donors concerning high school, residency, field of study and year in college.
  12. The College will publish each year, in an appropriate manner, the names of all donors of financial aid unless otherwise directed.

  13. Donations will be deposited in the General Scholarship Fund and disbursed from that Fund. The College will inform the donor and the student of the award.

  14. Donors must contact the Development Office in writing concerning their intent to donate funds.

  15. All funds must be received in advance.

  16. The Governing Board of St. Augustine College designates certain funds to be used as college grants to needy students.

  17. The Student Expenses Budget at St. Augustine College is broken down as follows:

A     Independent Student:

Tuition                                       $   11,736

Living Expenses                             8,500

Book and Supplies                         1,200

Miscellaneous                                 1,600

                                  $  23,036

B   Dependent Student:

Tuition                                         $ 11,736

Living Expenses                             6,800

Book and Supplies                         1,200

Miscellaneous                                 1,600

                             $ 23,036

However, the amount allocated to each student will be based on the Pell Grant cost allowances which are:

A.   Actual charge for tuition and fees based on credits recorded in the Registrar’s Office
at the end of the refund period.

B.   A standard allowance for maintenance to be determined annually by the U.S. Department of education

C.   A standard allowance for books, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses will be determined annually by   the  U. S.

Department of Education.