We are an open-admission institution. The Open Admissions Policy sets forth two basic criteria for admission:

  • Completion of high school or GED and

  • A minimum age of seventeen (17) years

General Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the College, all applicants must complete the application for admission together with related
forms. Students who have completed high school or its equivalent, or have earned a minimum of 24 transferable
semester credit hours (see Transfer of Credits) from other colleges, will be admitted as regular students upon
submitting one of the following documents:

  • Official high school transcript (distance high school must be accredited by a regional association*)

  • Official transcript of the General Educational Development (GED) Test (Distance GED is not acceptable)

  • Proof of completion of equivalent high school work in a foreign country, or

  • Official college transcript showing at least 24 transferable semester credit hours. Admission on the basis of
    transferred credit does not in and of itself ensure financial aid eligibility.

Admission through Ability-to-Benefit Testing
Applicants who have not graduated from high school or passed the GED may still be eligible for admission to St.
Augustine College and to receive Title IV financial aid through the Ability-to-Benefit testing system. To establish
eligibility, the applicant must pass an approved Ability-to-Benefit Test and enroll in an eligible Career Pathways
Program. Admission counselors will help applicants identify approved Ability-to-Benefit tests and advise applicants
as to how they may access the appropriate test.

An eligible Career Pathways Program has two components:

  • An adult education component, and

  • A Title IV

eligible postsecondary, career-oriented, knowledge and skills development program.

St. Augustine College offers a Career Pathways Program for students who need this path to eligibility for admission and access to federal financial aid.

For complete information, meet with an Admission Counselor at your earliest opportunity.