The Administrative Assistant curriculum prepares students to enter into the workforce as professional office workers in a variety of areas in today’s work force. The program has three concentrations: Accounting Assistant, Office Technology, and Medical Office Technology.

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, office and accounting clerks and medical administrative assistants are listed in the top 30 careers for 2010-2020. This fast growing field offers career opportunities for both women and men.

Concentration Descriptions

The Accounting Assistant concentration prepares students to learn about various areas of the business world. Students will learn accounting principles, business concepts and financial accounting concepts.

The Medical Office Technology concentration prepares students with the necessary skills to enter into one of the fastest growing careers as a medical biller, coder or medical administrative assistant. Students will work in the medical office of the 21st Century where career opportunities are abundant because of the great demand in healthcare services.

The Office Technology concentration prepares students in hands-on hardware installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and basic network concepts. Students learn spreadsheet software and how to design and program databases using a microcomputer database management package.

Program Outcomes

  • Students will learn software application skills to produce a variety of business correspondence through the use of Windows and Microsoft Office.
  • The curriculum also includes keyboarding, desktop publishing, business communications, office procedures, human relation skills, presentation skills, writing effective business correspondence, and managing electronic and manual filing systems.
  • Increased awareness of the 21st century office, change mastery and the diverse, global office environment are also emphasized.

Students also have the opportunity to receive Microsoft Certified Application Specialists (MCAS) certification almost mandatory in today’s job market.

Students who complete this program will be able to obtain entry level employment as administrative assistants, office managers, trainers, marketing support representatives, desktop publishers, and data entry operators.


General Education Requirements 20
ENG 160 Composition I (4)
ENG 162 Composition II (4)
MAT 111 Business Mathematics (4)
SPA 222 The Hispanic-American Experience Through Literature (4)
HIS 104 Survey of U.S. History to 1865 OR HIS 105 Survey of U.S. History from 1865 to Present OR PSC 103 American Government and Politics (4)
Major Requirements 20
ADM 101 Keyboarding & Doc. Formatting (4)
ADM 105 Advanced Document Formatting (4)
ADM 230 Office Procedures (4)
ADM 250 Business Communications (4)
CIS 115 Spreadsheets for Business (4)
Concentration Requirements  
III. Accounting Assistant
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting (4)
ACC 161 Financial Accounting (4)
BUS 110 Introduction to Business (4)
III. Medical Office Technology 12
HIT 101 Intro. to Medical Billing (4)
HIT 109 Intro. to Medical Coding (4)
BIO 115 Intro. to Medical Terminology (4)
III. Office Technology 12
ADM 210 Desktop Publishing & PowerPoint (4)
CIS 106 Database Applications (4)
CIS 130 Microcomputer Hardware Systems (4)
Recommended Electives 8
Any courses in ADM, ACC, BUS, CIS or ECO