Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Business Administration 
Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Social Work

Associate of Arts (AA)

Business Administration 
Liberal Arts & Science 
Concentration in:
Child Development
Social Service
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice

Associate of General Studies (AGS)

General studies

Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS)

Administrative Assistant 
Business Management
Computer Information Systems 
Culinary Arts 
Early Childhood Education
Respiratory Therapy

Both Bachelor and Associate Degree
programs emphasize the following: The ability to think and write clearly; the ability to develop career skills and goals; the ability to acquire and apply information from core fields of knowledge, including the arts and sciences; and, a positive attitude toward self, learning, and understanding.

The Bachelor of Arts programs combine a foundation of general education coursework covering liberal arts and sciences with a career-oriented major, enabling the student to apply knowledge and skills productively in work-related settings and in all of life’s responsibilities.

The Bachelor of Social Work enables participants to practice as social workers and pursue graduate studies. Employment opportunities for bilingual social workers are very high in the Chicago metropolitan area. The curriculum combines academic and practical training with an emphasis on communication skills and social justice.

The Associate of Arts degree offers a course of study leading to transfer to a four-year college or university. The requirements for the degree are typical for the freshman and sophomore year of a Bachelor of Arts program. St. Augustine College is committed to a comprehensive educational program that combines opportunities for intellectual and cultural growth. Approximately three-fourths of the required credits for graduation in the Associate of Arts degree are devoted to general education requirements.

The Associate of Applied Science degree emphasizes occupational and technical curricula. Students may pursue this degree in order to obtain training for more immediate positions in business or industry. The Associate of Applied Science degree also permits a student to continue his/her career preparation at senior educational institutions offering programs compatible with his/her work in the junior college. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact the Career and Transfer Center or the Office of Admissions of the chosen four-year institution in order to obtain course transferability information.

The Associate of General Studies degree offers a flexible curriculum in order to satisfy individual education as well as career interests. The degree provides a general education core curriculum of 32 credit hours of carefully- chosen courses. In addition, the student selects at least 28 credit hours of courses of his/her interest, according to the study plan pursued.

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