Why St. Augustine is right for you:

WE BELIEVE that education is the bridge to a better future. With an education you’re proud of, you have the confidence to walk into an interview knowing you’re ready for the role. With an education that meets your career needs, you’ll learn practical skills that will come in handy every day of your working life. Completing a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree at St. Augustine is the first step towards your dream career or a major step towards whatever higher education goals you have.

WE BELIEVE in our students, their hard work, commitment and dedication and the success these qualities can bring. We celebrate the success of our students every step of the way – when they surprise themselves with full marks on a pop quiz to when they graduate while overcoming obstacles.

WE BELIEVE in a diverse and supportive community, and believe that we can work together to empower everyone. We celebrate our differences and similarities equally at St. Augustine; everyone’s distinctive skill set, culture and personality are a part of what they can uniquely contribute to our society. Everyone’s skill set is different and unique, and for us to truly prosper as one diverse, unified community, we all need to offer support.

WE BELIEVE in your career. We don’t just want to teach you facts and figures – we want to help you learn skills that you’ll use every day as you progress up the ladder in your chosen field. We support students who are already involved in the workforce and accommodate the needs of traditional and working students by offering day, evening and Saturday classes.

WE BELIEVE in the importance of family – we admire students who have returned to education and are supporting their families. We do all we can to accommodate everyone, and offer childcare services to all our students.