Courses – Computer Information Systems AS

Courses – Computer Information Systems AS 2016-11-07T15:42:21+00:00
Course CodeGeneral Education Requirements (20)Credit Hours
ENG 160Composition I4
ENG 162Composition II4
MAT 225Introductory Statistics (preferred) OR4
MAT 200Finite Mathematics4
SPA 222The Hispanic-American Experience Through Literature4
HIS 104Survey of U.S. History to 1865 OR4
HIS 105Survey of U.S. History from 1865 to Present OR4
PSC 103American Government and Politics4


Course CodeMajor Requirements (12)Credit Hours
CIS 110Introduction to Object Oriented Programming4
CIS 270Management Information Systems
CIS 290Database Management Concepts


Concentration Requirements


Option I: Application Programmer

Course CodeMajor Requirements (16)Credit Hour
CIS 210Object Oriented Programming II4
CIS 212Visual Basic Programming4
CIS 250Web Design and Programming4
CIS 255Server-Side Web Development4


Option II: Systems Support

Course CodeMajor Requirements (16)Credit Hours
CIS 130Microcomputer Hardware System4
CIS 216Operating Systems4
CIS 217Network Concepts4
CIS 228Network Security4


Recommended Electives (12)


Course Code Any CIS 200 Level Course (4/8/12)Major Requirements (16)Credit Hours
CIS 102Introduction to CIS4
BUS 110Introduction to Business4


Total Credit Hours60
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