Hundreds of community residents, leaders, students, professors, and specialists analyzed the problems that Hispanic families face as a result of their immigration experience, at the “Trauma + Immigration” Conference. The event was organized by the Department of Social Work of St. Augustine College on Thursday, April 19th at St. Augustine’s main campus, in Chicago.

The workshop presenters suggested that to resolve the problem, the amount of bilingual social workers and government social services should increase to meet the demand of families, and bilingual children with psychological problems in schools. “In schools there are therapists who are not bilingual and don’t speak Spanish and they cannot relate to the cultural issues of the children, therefore they can’t help them as effectively and in many cases they increase the anxiety of the children”, said Dr. Leticia Villarreal Sosa, PhD, LCSW, associate professor of Dominican University and speaker at this conference.

Teresa P. Mateus, LCSW, assistant professor of Social Work program at St. Augustine College, said her institution is putting a lot of emphasis on trying to close the gap of Hispanic social workers by graduating Latinos in this career. “Our community needs more Hispanic social workers. The demand is very high and we are here to help anyone who wants to become a social worker,” she said.

The event appealed to the audience but also the local and national media that covered the event and was disseminated on various platforms; television, print, and online. The coverage can be seen in the following links:

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