In our efforts to provide the best resources for our students, St. Augustine College has recently opened The Office of Academic Effectiveness to:

  • Create a culture of quality assurance, continuous institutional improvement, systematic assessment, and sustained excellence across academic programs consistent with local and international standards,
  • quality processes of teaching and learning,
  • systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of all aspects of College operations and academic programs, and
  • a cyclical monitoring function to ensure policy and accreditation compliance.

“We are excited to have a team of educational experts on assessment, professional development, technology and curriculum evaluation that are overseeing the internal quality assurance plans for the college. The Office of Academic Effectiveness works closely with the Academic Affairs and Students Affairs offices. Quality is the spirit and soul of the OAE. The institutionalization of an academic environment of quality, high performance, and innovation will secure the bilingual and bicultural school culture that most SAC faculty and students are proudly preserving” – Dr. Ana Gil Garcia

To learn more about the department and what it has to offer visit: