Aaron Alvarado began his professional success story with an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems at St. Augustine College in 1998. He then continued his education at Northeastern University where he graduated as a Systems Engineer. Today he is the successful director of computer systems in a company that has subsidiaries in Europe and Latin America, where he travels constantly to manage infrastructure networks in information technology.

“I didn’t think I was going to go that far because my ambition as a college student was to graduate and get a job. But with the foundation St. Augustine College gave me and my continuation at Northeastern University, I obtained a lot of self-confidence, to compete and be competitive, “said Aaron Alvarado.

Aaron believes that anyone can match and surpass his success story. “My message to Hispanics is that they should not be afraid, they should study, they should be aggressive when they graduate, they should continue to want, and above all, they should leave the fear behind because SAC graduates are competitive and we are all the same outside,” He said. “In the real world, I realized that SAC should not envy any university because it has everything.”