St. Augustine College (SAC) teachers attended the 2017 Fall Term welcome meeting held at the College’s Charlie Chaplin Auditorium on Thursday, August 24, presided by Dr. Bruno Bondavalli, interim president of St. Augustine College. Faculty were greeted by the College’s top administrators and provided an update on the current state of the institution as well as the exciting plans ahead.   

Madeline Roman-Vargas, Vice President of Academic Affairs, spoke about the new changes ahead, the projects for the new academic year and the upcoming visit to the St. Augustine College from representatives of the Illinois Higher Learning Commission. Paul Heck, Vice President of Technology, Resources and Systems, shared about innovations in technology support. Dr. Eddy del Carmen, president of the Faculty Council, talked about the ways in which Faculty Council is working with administration and contributing to the strength of teaching at the College. 

Vicki Golub (Resident Faculty), Lynne Sabas (Adjunct Faculty) and Dennette Derezotes (Adjunct Faculty) discussed the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) project. Lynne Sabas and Dennette Derezotes are going to build on the research that Vicki Golub did last year on the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) project. They will be doing 3 things: 

1) Sending out student surveys to learn more about the student experience, 

2) Send out surveys to instructors regarding their experience with the WAC project, and 

3) Going into the WACs from the Spring of 2017 to look at the efficacy of the program. 

The surveys will answer questions such as, Were they done similarly across programs? What was different?  Did students improve over the semester?  This information will then be combined with findings from students and teachers and a report will be developed at the end of the semester.  More work will continue next semester building on this semester’s findings. 

by Eduardo Alegria

Translation to English: Johanna Castro