Summer classes begin on Tuesday, May 29 and end on July 23, 2018. Students are given the opportunity to register from May 21 to May 25.

Take advantage of this great opportunity! In addition to the regular schedule, St. Augustine College will open Student Initiative classes of your choice if you have a group of 10 students minimum per course. There is institutional aid for the summer that will cover 50% of tuition cost, and new or continuing students eligible for Pell (Federal) grant will be able to get aid for summer term, too. For any question, please contact an Academic Advisor or a Financial Aid Counselor.

“Summer classes are a great opportunity for students to be nurtured with basic and complementary knowledge, which make it easier for them to start their classes in August because of the academic skills they will learn,” said Madeline Roman-Vargas, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “These courses create a great opportunity to enrich the students’ academic programs, and help them to achieve their career goals sooner” added Roman-Vargas.

Classes are offered at all St. Augustine College locations. Call (773) 878-8756 for more information, now!