Transfer Services are provided to students individually and consist of guidance throughout the entire process to ensure that the student continues their studies in the field they choose in order to obtain the next degree possible.

Transfer Services include:

  • Individual transfer advice and counseling
  • Information about admission procedures at desired institution and program planning
  • Current information on articulation agreements and options for further study
  • Connecting students to admissions staff at other institutions
  • Planning short and long-term transfer goals
  • Information on campus tours, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs,  and information sessions.
  • Scholarship search assistance

Appointments can be made at your desired SAC campus.

To set up an appointment contact either of the CTC Staff:

Monica Hurtado 773-878-3960

Vicky Irizarry 773-878-3357


The CTC staff can also be reached via text message at 872-802-1384