An academic advisor is assigned to you at the time of registration in order to be your academic partner and your liaison with the College’s offices, faculty and administrators. The advisor will assist you with:

• Your academic plan and selecting appropriate courses;
• Complying with the College’s requirements for program completion and graduation;
• Monitoring of academic progress and financial aid compliance;
• Information regarding extracurricular activities and student organizations;
• Processing academic and financial aid appeals;
• Receiving and processing requests for special accommodations under ADA;
• Referrals for services not provided by the College, such as personal counseling;
• All student complaints. The policy and forms for registering a student complaint are also available on the College website;
• Learning disabilities and learning assistance adjudication.

The policy and forms for requesting an accommodation based upon a certified learning disability are also available on the College website. Students in the Bachelor of Social Work program and the Respiratory Therapy program receive academic advising from department faculty.