The Institutional Actions Council of the Higher Learning Commission has approved the St. Augustine College request to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

These new degrees join the three Bachelor’s Degrees that SAC has been offering: Social Work, Psychology, and Hospitality Management. SAC also offers a variety of Associate Degrees. All of our programs are valuable qualifications for employment and can be used to transition to a Bachelor’s Degree at St. Augustine or a Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree at another institution.

St Augustine College is ranked No. 1 in Illinois in raising the socioeconomic status of its graduates and ranked No. 4 in serving students who come from families earning less than $20,000 a year.

33 percent of St. Augustine College (SAC) students climb two or more levels of income after graduation, reveals the study "Highest Upward Mobility Rate Colleges" conducted by The Equality of Opportunity and published by The New York Times

According to this research, in the category called "Social Mobility Index," SAC is No. 1 among 103 Colleges in Illinois and ranks No. 61 among 2,137 Colleges across the United States.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

It is a degree designed to prepare students for a variety of business opportunities in the private, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Based on a liberal arts foundation, the Business Administration Program provides students with a strong business curriculum, academic knowledge, and content business courses covering the major areas of a complex and constantly changing business environment.

Graduates of the program will have a solid academic foundation in accounting principles, economics, management theory and behavior, the legal environment of business, marketing, financial management, international business, human resources, and business problem solving and decision making. The curriculum is intended to give students a well-rounded background in all areas of operating a business. A senior capstone course provides students the opportunity to research specialty areas including strategic management planning, international business, or small business operations.

The degree is designed to provide the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills needed in business. Students will leave the program prepared for a variety of business operation and leadership positions as well as a path for an advanced degree in business.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

It is a degree designed to prepare students for employment in an Information Technology department of an organization. Program skills begin with strong computer programming foundations and move students toward the most advanced concentrations.

There are three concentrations from which students can choose: web based applications, database systems management, and network systems administration.

The web based applications concentration and the database systems management concentration, each concentration prepare students to design, implement, and manage systems. The former prepares students for working with web based communications systems and the latter prepares them for working with database management systems.

The network systems administration concentration prepares students to build, install, troubleshoot, and administer local area networks from the foundation up.

The curriculum includes a senior internship project where students will use and apply their learned skills to solve a computer-information-systems problem in a real-world situation.

The degree prepares students with a solid background in mathematics (discrete structures) and communications (technical writing). In addition, graduates leave the program with skills to work independently as well as skills to work collaboratively with diverse populations of staff, supervisors, and customers.