Saisha Mateo and Emily Duran are 19 years old and both chose to study at St. Augustine College (SAC) because they did not find the help and family atmosphere they were looking for at other colleges. Their classes began on Monday, August 28. Saisha has started to study a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Emily an Associate in Applied Science in Business Management.
They attended the Student Orientation meeting held on Saturday, August 26 at the Main Campus. At that meeting, teachers and counselors provided key information to new students including: administrative and academic services; strategies for better study practices; tips on how to take full advantage of what’s taught in the classroom; and the opportunity to meet academic and recruitment counselors as well as their new classmates. New students were also informed of such important dates in the current academic year as enrollment periods, deadlines for applying for financial aid, holidays, vacations, deadline for changing courses, deadlines for canceling enrollment, and the dates of exams, among others.


Direct from Puerto Rico

Saisha Mateo shared that she came to Chicago expressly to study at San Augustine College based on her sister’s recommendation; her sister studies Culinary Arts in SAC. “I just arrived three weeks ago and I am very happy to have listened to my sister. I was going to study at the University of Puerto Rico, but because of financial problems and because I did not get FAFSA scholarship, I opted to come to SAC, since my sister studies here and I know that she received a lot of help, especially when it came to financial aid,” she said.
Saisha also appreciated the fact that she could initially take classes in Spanish. “That is very important to me, because I want to develop in many fields as a social worker. I have always liked working directly with people. Luckily, I have confirmed that everything my sister told me about SAC is true and I am very happy about it,” she concluded.