The mission of SAC’s Follow the Sun Community Garden is to be a source of connection for people within and outside the college and for it to serve as an educational tool, to help students and community members have a closer connection to the food they eat, to learn how to grow food and make healthier food choices.  

Academic programs are also connected to the garden as they provide experiences to enhance what students learn in the classroom. 

Culinary Arts:   
Enhanced student experience through the use of fresh herbs and vegetables
Exploration of urban gardening as a Social Justice/Food Security Issue & participate in garden activities
Growing/Seeding/Harvesting: developmentally appropriate activities for students to create in the Early Childhood Education Department (ECE)
Students can do research on how gardening benefits (health/connectedness/community) those who participate; experiential activity
Children in the childcare center will participate in all phases of the garden
Stronger connections with residents from the immediate neighborhood, Uptown and with other gardening groups that are nearby. 

The committee has already created friendships with some neighbors, particularly with Joy Holden. She has been gardening for 40 years and advocated for SAC to be established 30 years ago.