Congratulations, graduates!
We are so proud of you!
We know the pandemic became an obstacle but you were able to surpass it. This goes to show you are ready for anything and we are sure you will do great things!

St. Augustine College Graduates: A snapshot of our students.

We asked our graduates the following questions:

What makes you feel proud on your graduation day?
Who would you like to thank on your graduation day? 
What is the dream you have for the future?

Rosa Cajamarca, AA in Social Service


The opportunity to give a diploma to my parents.

My parents for their support.


To become a social worker and provide the best to my son and parents.

Jennifer Ayala, Medical Billing & Coding

THANK – Everyone that helped me throughout this journey, especially my aunt and uncle.

Rita Fiadzoe, AA in Respiratory

PROUD – Everything

Aurelia Alvarez, AA in Early Childhood Education

PROUD – After all the hard work and every situation I was in, all of the anxiety, I never gave up, I’m here and I made it!

DREAM – I’ve always dreamed and pretended to be a teacher, and my dreams for the future are coming true.

THANK With the support of my boyfriend, and strength of my son, my amazing mother, my sister, my best friend Anna and ALL of my family and friends!

Itzel Gonzalez, BSW

PROUD Proud that I am the first in my family who graduated!

DREAM Get my Master’s degree

THANK God, myself, family and friends who helped me to make this possible!