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This new initiative seeks to promote and spread Latin American culture in all its forms such as music, poetry, theater, cinema, etc. SAC’s Cultural Committee has developed a Cultural Calendar for the Academic Year 2017-18 that will be formally presented at this event. 

 The Committee members are: Elena Voltchek (Director of the Department of Language, Literature and Humanities), Alejandro Ferrer (Assistant Professor), and Erika Doyle (Adjunct Faculty). 


Elena Voltchek

Who was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, graduated from the Herzen State Pedagogical University and came to Chicago in 1990. She has been teaching in Saint Augustine College since 1995. Besides teaching and doing administrative work, Elena has been involved in organizing and promoting cultural events in the Hispanic community of Chicago. Among other projects, she was an active member of el Colectivo El Pozo doing translations, revising texts, designing and painting stages on top of being in charge of supertitles from Spanish into English. She worked on the production of the following plays: El Camino al Ahorita, Los Carralejas, El Coljan, The Inexplicable Pastrana, Los Incas.


Alejandro Ferrer

Assistant Professor, Spanish Coordinator, at St. Augustine College, Chicago. Award winner fictional short stories, Painter and Cinematographer. Born in Chile (Patagonia), living in the USA since 1977. Master Degree in Arts with a concentration in Latin American Literature. Further graduate studies in Children Literature, Spain; Graduate studies in Mexican Anthropology in Oaxaca, Templo Mayor Mex. DF.


Erika Doyle

Was born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a visual artist, cultural promoter and a writer. She emigrated from Argentina to Chicago in 2000.  Doyle is an Adjunct Faculty instructor at St. Augustine College. In addition to painting, Doyle founded a literary workshop in Spanish known as  Café y Literatura entre Nosotros, a creative writing and artistic society from which an online magazine was born: Surco. Doyle’s educational background includes a BA in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.