“When the learning process leaves the classroom, it is sometimes more effective,” said Norma Chaidez, Psychology Adjunct Faculty of SAC. “We traveled to Paris, France, with the purpose of fraternizing between students and teachers, and ended up learning lessons in sociology and psychology that will serve us in our lives.”

The trip was born from an initiative between students and the assistant professor Norma Chaidez; it was held from April 13 through the 24 and 16 people participated. “It was not an academic trip so SAC was not involved institutionally, it was rather personal. It was a motivational trip that helped unite us and get to know the world and other ways of life,” Chaidez said.

“It was the experience of my life. I had never gotten on a plane and I did it because I felt between friends and protected … I never even imagined visiting Europe,” said Yalitza de la Sancha, a student of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “It was also a life lesson for me because I learned how the people of Paris promote friendship: every evening they meet in parks and restaurants just to talk. As soon as I returned I started to visit all my friends and family,” she said.

The fellowship trip was so successful that it is already being planned for the Spring Break of 2018. Destination: Rome, Florence, and Venice in Italy. Norma Chaidez said about 6 people were already signed up.