Even though enrollment began August 7 at St. Augustine College and classes began on Monday, August 28, students can still enroll during the “late enrollment” grace period that ends September 2.

According to figures provided by St. Augustine College’s Admissions Department, enrollment for this academic semester of fall 2017 has experienced a significant increase over the same time period in 2016. “It is a very important rebound at a time when other institutions of higher education in Chicago are experiencing a decline in enrollment that in some cases is preoccupying. It means that SAC is responding to the community’s expectations of the importance it has in transforming lives through

education. It also means that the community has made theirs our marketing slogan, ‘The SAC has what really matters’,” said Dr. Juan E. Ojeda, Vice President of Enrollment Management of SAC.

Dr. Ojeda explained that St. Augustine College’s student population is at the same level as last year’s but with a greater participation of Hispanics, and the most requested careers continue to be those of Pre-School Education, Social Work, Respiratory Therapy, Psychology, Business and Culinary Arts, in addition to the Liberal Arts programs used to transfer to other programs. “The advantages we offer to study are still the main attraction to our new students: the English and Spanish classes, small class sizes, qualified teachers and certificate programs, childcare, flexible schedules for those who work, student support services and a family environment that makes them feel at home,” he concluded.

St. Augustine College is a member of the Colleges and Universities of Anglican Communion (CUAC); Council for Accreditation of Higher Education (CHEA); The Federation of Independent Colleges and Universities of Illinois (FIICU); Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU); And the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU). SAC is accredited by the Council of Education in Social Work, CSWE (Social Work Program), and by the Accreditation Commission for Respiratory Care, CoARC (Respiratory Therapy Program). SAC is an institution with three Bachelor’s programs: Social Work, Psychology, and Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

by Eduardo Alegria

Translation to English: Johanna Castro