Mission: Promote the integration of international students to support their academic and cultural adaptation.
Principles and Values: Promote inclusion and friendship, support identity and cultural diversity, and promote ethical and academic development.


Silvia E. Loza

A 30 year old, is an international student, graduated as a psychologist in Bolivia and studied Laws until the third year, decided to come to the United States. Thus, she began her studies at St. Augustine College (SAC) on January of 2014 and by December of 2015 she earned an Associate degree in Child Development. Then, she continued her studies in SAC and on December of 2016 she concluded with the bachelor degree in Psychology.

Gustavo Loza

I am an international student from Bolivia – South America. I obtained the Associate degree in Computer Information Systems with concentration in Programming and Technical Support here at St. Augustine College and now I am studying to obtain the bachelor degree also in Computer Information Systems. I previously worked as a tech assistant at west campus and this semester I am working as a lab assistant and also as a tutor in some computer clasess. In addition, since 2015 I volunteered to give tutoring in computer related classes, and like to help students with basic computer skills. I like to help whenever I can, and sometimes I help Library Director Elizabeth Murphy with the Students workshops. I am also part of the Book Club that Elizabeth organizes every semester.

Johanna Barrientos

Born in Venezuela, I love sciences that why I am geologist in my town country. Four years ago, I decided to come to Chicago, IL, as an international student and I bet on healthcare sciences. I’m in my last semester of Respiratory Therapy. Studies are the best investments in our life, so If I can help you with my experiences, will be great! and welcome to the International Students Club.