More than 100 golfers from various companies and community organizations from the Chicagoland area participated in the annual 2017 Raising Dollars for Scholars Golf Outing event hosted by the St. Augustine College Board of Trustees on September 19th at the beautiful Gleneagles Country Club in Lemont.  

Participants competed in friendly golf games in an atmosphere of camaraderie, all for the benefit of students attending St. Augustine College.  The college’s Board of Trustees thanked the attendees for their support and stressed the importance of this event – to raise scholarships funds for students in financial hardship. 

“That’s one of the best aspects of the Raising Dollars for Scholars Golf Outing,” said Santos Torres, Vice President of the SAC’s Board of Trustees and President of MEPIS Inc. “It is vital to raise funds to help a community that wants to succeed through education. We are aware that not all students have the same resources, and that is why this fundraising event is very important,” he said. “The government’s student aid program is not only tight but limited, and so my vision is for this event to be larger and to involve more golf lovers, especially other businesses,” he added. 

Vincent Rangel, a member of SAC’s Board of Trustees and Senior Vice President of Community Relations at Miramar International Group Inc., who played with his wife Mary Jo, said that “we at SAC are always looking for ways to provide support for students, because we know the importance of a more advanced education.   Events like Raising Dollars for Scholars Golf Outing are a fun way to raise important funds for our students. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the companies that generously participated through sponsorships and donations. Students do not seek hand-outs, only opportunities to pay for their studies, to be able to work and give their families a better life.” 

Daysi Funes, another member of SAC’s Board of Trustees and Executive Director of Centro Romero and SAC alumna, also expressed her gratitude “to all who have participated in this golf event to raise funds for scholarships for SAC students. I believe that this event should merit the attention of more Latino entrepreneurs in Chicago, because those scholarships are very important for the students, since on many occasions it changes their lives. What we ask of our Latino entrepreneurs is that they join in this effort, and if they can not participate in the tournament they can send us a contribution so that St. Augustine College can offer more scholarships to students who truly need them.” 

The students, faculty, and SAC’s Board of Trustees are grateful to these companies and organizations for their sponsorships: 

  • Peninsula Sponsors: MEPIS, WINTRUST, UNIVISION 
  • Alta Vista Sponsors: 360 BENEFITS, AT&T, LA RAZA NEWSPAPER, V&V SUPREMO 
  • Coronado Sponsors: AZERO PRODUCTIONS

The St. Augustine College Board of Trustees also acknowledged the sponsors at the Foursome Reunion and Chapelco Hole Sign levels: Aurora Latino Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Northwest Rotary Club, Margarita Products, David Cordova, 21st Century Realtors, Gil Rios Golf School, Latino American Construction Industry Association, HispanicPro, JGMA, Red Bull, RSM, Vincent Rangel, Kairos, Goya, Dr. Jay H. Price., Legacy Insurance & Investment Group and Michael Best. 

St. Augustine College is an independent Latino institution of higher education, dedicated to providing innovative education and training through a unique, supportive learning environment, making higher education and its benefits accessible to a diverse student population, leading to social and economic mobility.  We take pride in being a mission-driven, student-centered higher education institution which has the following core values: bilingualism, student success, diversity, inclusion, innovation, intellectual growth, professional development, teamwork and accountability.  St. Augustine College’s vision is to make outstanding higher education accessible to Latinos and other