Respiratory Care Department wishes everyone a happy Respiratory Care Week on Oct. 22 – 28, 2017. We are proud of all our respiratory therapy students and graduates.

To celebrate this annual event that recognizes the respiratory care profession and raises awareness for improving lung health around the world.

No matter where you work in respiratory care, whether it’s neonatal-pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency care, pulmonary rehabilitation, acute care, home care, education, sleep or another specialty, your role as a respiratory therapist is to restore and improve lung heath to patient’s lives. RC Week is the time to tell your story and educate the community.

Respiratory Therapy at SAC

The Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Respiratory Therapy is designed for students aspiring to work as respiratory therapists in hospitals, home-care and other healthcare environments.

The program will prepare students to become respiratory therapists capable of providing specialized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in areas such as pulmonary function testing, arterial blood gas analysis, medical gas administration, humidity and aerosol therapy, airway management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and ventilatory support of neonatal/pediatric and adult populations.