St. Augustine College Employee Giving Campaign

The Annual SAC Employee Giving Campaign is an annual event that brings together the entire SAC family to help chart the course for the upcoming year at the college.

It’s important to let our community know that our faculty and staff are invested in St. Augustine College,” said Margaret Wenzel, Director of Institutional Advancement at St. Augustine College. “The employee campaign is a measure of that support, and we have been blessed by the awesome support of our faculty and staff. The campaign keeps outdoing itself year after year. These results speak volumes to our alumni, donors, and community partners.”

Year after year, St. Augustine College employees successfully raise thousands of dollars for student scholarships, faculty development activities, and general operations through the annual employee giving campaign. The campaign ensures that the college can continue to fulfill its mission and high-employee giving also resonates with outside donors and demonstrates the strong philanthropic culture at St. Augustine College.

One of the main appeals of the campaign is that money donated can go to the unit or program of the SAC employee’s choice, so that in most cases, the employee is directly re-investing into his or her unit.

Here are some ways you can re-invest in your area:

  • Scholarships

  • Faculty travel money

  • Faculty Professional Development

  • Student conference travel funds

The majority of SAC employees choose to give a gift through the convenience of payroll deduction. St. Augustine College is a non-profit organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3) EIN # 36-3108821. Employee gifts made through payroll are after-tax and are 100% tax deductible.

If department reaches 100 percent participation, all employees in that department will receive reusable SAC canvas tote bag. 

2020 Annual Employee Holiday Campaign Giving Form

Please return the form to by January 4, 2021.  

For more information, please contact Margaret Wenzel in the Office of Institutional Advancement at (773) 878-4014 or