SAC has A New Resource Opportunity to Make Students’ Lives Easier!

St. Augustine College is shifting to more on-line resources so students can save money, carry lighter book bags, and have ease of use, making more time for academics. The available resource is called Cengage Unlimited and allows students to reduce book costs if purchasing books from Cengage. Cengage, one of our book providers, has made it possible for students to get Cengage books on-line.*

As in the past, books fro

m other publishers can be rented or purchased; however, this new option, a Cengage Unlimited subscription, allows students to rent all of your Cengage electronic** books along with other resources for $119.99 per semester, $179.99 for 12 months, or $239.99 for 24 months.***

In addition, because St. Augustine is moving to electronic books with Cengage, we are reducing our inventory of books! We are selling all our inventory of Cengage textbooks that are available on-line for 25% of their actual cost (so for instance if a book costs $179 we will charge you $44.75); or $119.99 for 3 books! These books are first come first serve. Once they are gone we will not order any more……. Also, you will no longer be able to rent Cengage books that are available on-line at St. Augustine College. Books from other publishers will remain at regular price.
Students can still purchase books from other publishers, Culinary Lab Coats, Lab Kits, Codes for CIS, and pick up any other items covered by course fees in the Bookstore.

*To learn more about Cengage Unlimited go to https//
**Please note that all textbooks may not be from Cengage and students may have to also obtain additional books from those Cengage offers.
***A list of the books needed for each class will be posted in the bookstore and on the St. Augustine College website. Also, look for a flyer with more information in the mail!