Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BS) Academic RequirementsCREDIT HOURS REQUIREMENTS
CIS Major Requirements56 HRS
Required Courses36
CIS 110 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming(4)
CIS 130 Computer systems Hardware(4)
CIS 210 Object-Oriented Programming(4)
*CIS 240 Database Management Concepts(4)
*CIS 300 Management Information Systems(4)
CIS 303 Discrete Structure(4)
*CIS 315 Technical Writing for CIS(4)
*CIS 325 Data Structures (Using C++)(4)
*CIS 460 Senior Project(4)
Concentration #1
Database Systems Management(4)
*CIS 220 Client-Side Web Development(4)
*CIS 310 Database Security Management(4)
*CIS 320 Server-Side Web Development(4)
*CIS 340 Database Management(4)
*CIS 440 Topics in Advanced Databases(4)
Concentration #2
Network Systems Administrator20 HRS
CIS 216 Operating Systems(4)
CIS 217 Computer Networks(4)
*CIS 328 Network Systems Security(4)
*CIS 360 Advanced Topics in Networks(4)
*CIS 370 Network Management(4)
Concentration #3
Web-based applications20 HRS
*CIS 220 Client-Side Web Development(4)
*CIS 312 Advanced Applications Programming(4)
With Visual Basic
*CIS 320 Server-Side Web Development(4)
*CIS 328 Network Systems Security(4)
*CIS 400 Ecommerce(4)
General Education Requirements40 HRS
ENG 160 Composition I(4)
ENG 162 Composition II(4)
ENG 165 Speech(4)
MAT 225 Statistics(4)
PHY 103 Earth Science OR(4)
BIO 102 Introduction to Human Biology
HUM 202 Humanities I OR(4)
ENG 203 American Culture and Literature OR
PHI 200 Introduction to Philosophy OR
PHI 220 Ethics
SPA 222 The Hispanic-American Experience
Through Literature OR
HUM 202 Humanities I(4)
HUM 204 Music Appreciation OR(4)
HUM 205 History and Appreciation of Art
HIS 104 Survey of U.S. History to 1865 OR(4)
HIS 105 Survey of U.S. History 1865 to Present OR
PSC 103 American Government and Politics
PSY 101 General Psychology OR(4)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
Elective Credits24 HRS
Total Credit Hours Required120 HRS