Henry S. Mendez and Rubi Zepeda are two young people who have begun to live their dream of studying a career at St. Augustine College in the semester that began on Monday, January 22.

On the road to success

Henry is 18 years old and arrived from Iguala (Guerrero, Mexico) two weeks ago, just before classes started, to follow the example of his uncle Max Armendariz, who obtained his Associate of Liberal Arts & Sciences (AA) degree with a concentration in Computer Information Systems at St. Augustine College (SAC) in 1998. “He was always my role model and I was preparing to come and follow his steps,” he said. Henry will study a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (BA).

Henry was born in Chicago, but his parents took him to Iguala, Mexico when he was three years-old. “Today I return to my hometown to fulfill my dream of studying in the same place as my uncle Max. I have just finished high school and I am very excited to start something for which I have been preparing for a long time,” he said. Henry graduated in 2017 as a Programming Technician at the Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicios #16 “Gral. Ignacio Maya Herrera, from Iguala, Guerrero.”

“My goal is to get a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I chose St. Augustine College because I was always fascinated by my Uncle Max’s history of studying and working at SAC. Now that I am here, I love the staff who are very friendly and make me feel at home, especially since I do not speak English, only Spanish for now,” he said.

“I came to SAC because I want to improve myself”

Rubi enrolled five years ago at St. Augustine College, but had to give up her wish to improve herself through education because her supervisor did not grant her leave to be late for work due to her classes. This time she returned and enrolled in record time with the solid determination to achieve her dreams of becoming a professional. She will study an Associate Degree in General Studies (AGS).

“I have come to SAC because I want to improve myself, I want to be more than what I am right now, better than working in a warehouse and not having the satisfaction of achieving a dream that has not gone away: to become a nurse,” she revealed. “I’m tired of being tied to a schedule that enslaves me; I live frustrated because the activity I do every day does not fulfill me,” added Rubi, who is now convincing her boyfriend to follow her at SAC.

Rubi said that she arrived in the United States with her family after finishing high school in Mexico and that due to financial constraints, she did not start college. “I only started studying English in the time I had after work. This year I was going to enroll again in English, when I remembered SAC and I said to myself ‘This time I will do it’, and I decided to come. That happened on a Saturday and on the following Tuesday I was already enrolled”, said the young woman who will start studying an Associate Degree in General Studies. “But it is possible to change to an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy because it is a very interesting and highly competitive career. I’ll see,” she finished.