The 40th Anniversary Lecture Series

The 40th Anniversary Lecture Series is an annual lecture and educational event series in St. Augustine College featuring nationally and internationally prominent speakers. The lecture series will bring international and national Latino  leaders in higher education, public affairs, international affairs, healthcare, political science and the arts. Open virtually to the public, these lectures are [...]

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October 7, St. Augustine College Proclamation Day!

Forty years ago, St. Augustine College was founded. Its mission was to serve the Hispanic community, provide accessible higher education, economic development opportunities, and create a lifelong learning mentality for themselves and their families. Today, St. Augustine College has served more than 10,000 students, has an array of Bachelor and Associate Degrees, and has [...]

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New Department @ SAC – The Office of Academic Effectiveness

In our efforts to provide the best resources for our students, St. Augustine College has recently opened The Office of Academic Effectiveness to: Create a culture of quality assurance, continuous institutional improvement, systematic assessment, and sustained excellence across academic programs consistent with local and international standards, quality processes of teaching and learning, systematic evaluation [...]

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Fill out the Census and be counted

Participating in the 2020 Census count is one of the most important things that you can do to create a better future for you, your family and our community. Responding to the Census is not only your civic duty, it also affects the amount of federal funding your community receives and your representation [...]

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COVID Resources

St. Augustine College COVID-19 Safety Statement  St. Augustine College is fully committed to follow all federal, state, and local directives aimed at preventing the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the appearance of cases of COVID-19 in our community, as part of its broader commitment to providing an environment of care, safety and well-being. [...]

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Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus disease has been causing concern to countries around the world as governments work to control a possible pandemic. Click to view FAQs with information about the virus.  While our risk factor in Chicago has been quite low,  As an individual, you should be very aware of preventative options and smart practices to stay [...]

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SAC Awarded Humanities Grant

St. Augustine College received a $99,714 grant on January 2020. The grant was awarded by the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES for the purpose of Strengthening Career Readiness for Chicago Early Childhood Educators through the Humanities. “This grant it brings us long-awaited and much needed support to develop innovative curriculum for our students! The [...]

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LSWO Awards Social Work Program

  Two years ago St. Augustine College was recognized by Hispanic Excelencia as the #1 Bachelor’s program in the nation. This year the Latino Social Work Organization (LSWO), a national organization serving Latino social workers across the USA,  presented an award and recognition to St. Augustine College outstanding accomplishments in Social Work education. Dr. Reyes [...]

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Save money and lighten up your book bags – get your books online!

SAC has A New Resource Opportunity to Make Students’ Lives Easier! St. Augustine College is shifting to more on-line resources so students can save money, carry lighter book bags, and have ease of use, making more time for academics. The available resource is called Cengage Unlimited and allows students to reduce book costs if purchasing [...]

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St. Augustine College reduced tuition by 14%

In an effort to make a college education more accessible, St. Augustine College has reduced its tuition by 14%, effective starting in the 2018 fall semester. At a time when the cost of earning a college degree keeps increasing, by lowering the tuition cost, St. Augustine is responding to the economic [...]

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