SAC Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

St. Augustine College received a $99,714 grant on January 2020. The grant was awarded by the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES for the purpose of Strengthening Career Readiness for Chicago Early Childhood Educators through the Humanities. “This grant it brings us long-awaited and much needed support to develop innovative curriculum for our students! The [...]

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SAC receives a prestigious Award for Social Work Education

  Two years ago St. Augustine College was recognized by Hispanic Excelencia as the #1 Bachelor’s program in the nation. This year the Latino Social Work Organization (LSWO), a national organization serving Latino social workers across the USA,  presented an award and recognition to St. Augustine College outstanding accomplishments in Social Work education. Dr. Reyes [...]

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Save money and lighten up your book bags – get your books online!

SAC has A New Resource Opportunity to Make Students’ Lives Easier! St. Augustine College is shifting to more on-line resources so students can save money, carry lighter book bags, and have ease of use, making more time for academics. The available resource is called Cengage Unlimited and allows students to reduce book costs if purchasing [...]

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St. Augustine College reduced tuition by 14%

In an effort to make a college education more accessible, St. Augustine College has reduced its tuition by 14%, effective starting in the 2018 fall semester. At a time when the cost of earning a college degree keeps increasing, by lowering the tuition cost, St. Augustine is responding to the economic [...]

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340 graduates achieved their dream in St. Augustine College

A bright future is ahead for the new graduates of St. Augustine College. These students have worked hard to achieve their dream of becoming professionals and each of them has a story worthy of praise and recognition, which is why St. Augustine College is very proud of its graduates. A story [...]

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