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About St. Augustine College:

St. Augustine College (SAC) is an independent Latino institution of higher education in Chicago, dedicated to providing innovative education and workforce development training through a unique, supportive learning environment, making higher education and its benefits accessible to a diverse student population, leading to social and economic mobility. St. Augustine College takes pride in being a mission-driven, open admission, student-centered higher education institution that values bilingualism, student success, diversity, inclusion, innovation, intellectual growth, professional development, teamwork, and accountability.

St. Augustine College changes lives. St. Augustine College ranks No. 1 out of 103 Colleges in Illinois – and No. 61 among the country’s 2,137 Colleges – in raising their students’ incomes by two levels, according to the study “Highest Upward Mobility Rate Colleges,” published by the New York Times. This is a very significant indicator of the impact the College makes in changing the lives of its students.