St. Augustine College (SAC) is an open-admission institution. The Open Admissions Policy sets forth two basic criteria for admission:
1) completion of high school or GED and
2) a minimum age of seventeen (17) years.

Admission requirements vary by student type. In order to be considered for admission into one St. Augustine’s programs, you must complete the steps associated with your student type. (If needed, trained counselors are willing to provide orientation and assistance in completing the necessary forms and obtaining the appropriate documentation.) 


First time Freshman 

An individual who has completed a High School or it’s equivalent, and never attended college.

College Transfer

An individual who has completed a high school degree or its equivalent and attended another college.


An individual who need visas to live and study in the United States.


An individual who desires to take a course or courses for the benefit of personal development and who is not interested in degree completion. Student do not apply for or receive financial aid.

Students Classified As “Student-at-Large” Must Abide by the Following Guidelines:

  • Students-at-large cannot enroll for more than 8 semester credit/hours in a given semester or summer term.
  • Students-at-large cannot accumulate more than 24 semester credit/hours under the “student-at-large” status designation.